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File: 1522528908872.jpg (4.76 KB, 223x226, spede.jpg)

 Nr. 61[50 new replies]

(Mods, please Pin this thread.)

Anyone have suggestions in improving Krautchan?

Maybe in appearances for example?

 Nr. 65

Does the default language for many things have to be German? I'd argue the English words used are so well known that even some 10yo kid could understand them.

Unrelated question, can language be changed somewhere?

 Nr. 66

on our german parts, I find the german words appropriate, I must say.

What we need, is Bernds.

 Nr. 69

We are working on translating everything in /int/ to English. At this time we'd like to keep the other boards in German.

 Nr. 71

Part of our current todo/issue list:

>preview of the uploaded images are too small

>"Thread is unavailable (№50): HTTP [404] Not Found" I use dollchan script and js is turned off.
>/int/ needs to be in English

 Nr. 77

Ask yli/int/ to raid? It will be shit for a day, but traffic attracts traffic and bernds will find here. It was one of the ways the original Krautchan got lot of users, through 4chan and kuvalauta raids. It changed forever of course, but I guess since this is tabula rasa then why not see what happens before going all nazi with rangebans and banned memes/topics [spoiler]which I'd like to add were common tools used in moderation on kc to keep the quality just above the shitline.[/spoiler]

 Nr. 78

when you open pandora's box, can you ever close it again?

 Nr. 84

Also shorten names, otherwise linking will be a hassle, like:


Maybe it should only do that with subjects?

 Nr. 89

I can't read the German on the site. Please use English


 Nr. 90

Done. You'll only see the shorter URLs for new threads starting now, though.

Working on it.

 Nr. 91

i cant post here. it says you look like a bot

 Nr. 92

even my balls dont show here

 Nr. 93

Can vouch, glad to see you again.

 Nr. 94

katalog isn't really working lmao

 Nr. 98

Non-standard size countryballs seem to be stretched >>88

 Nr. 101

Can't you just remove the thread text from the url like in a normal imageboard so it's only numbers?

 Nr. 106

Please try now.

 Nr. 110

I tried to make a change to remove the bot issue. Do you still see it?

And Kuwait ball has now been added. You may need to refresh your cache or use an incognito window to see it next to your posts.

 Nr. 114

File: 1522534575531-0.jpg (129.21 KB, 599x623, 1481954790652.jpg)

What we need is more community idols.

We need those guiding lights who are the backbone of krautchan, like gaytex, nzwhore, news finn, rac bernd, coalburnamom, dogstralia, and anyone else that wants attention.

 Nr. 117


please sit yourself in a bucket of acid and feel.

 Nr. 138

just make it a redirection to kohlchan.net

What is the point?

 Nr. 143

Kohlchan is not krautchan, they are their own thing. this is Krautchan for krautchan topics.

 Nr. 144

Its not. It is literally kc. There are KC posters and KC topics and no EC-mods. There are already many Bernds collected who flew from EC and the two only thing, that could make Bernd strong again, are freedome and unity. Kohlchan has already the first part and a large piece of the second part and this bord only hurts Bernd in general

 Nr. 150

I post on all the clones and alts, including Kohl. Atm, Ernst is the largest. As I said, I won't go to Kohlchan and spam it with kc.co, so I hope you guys will stop doing it also. I have nothing against other clones (though ernst mods kind tick me off). We want to keep Krautchan alive, not just "KC" but the actual name and people.

 Nr. 151

Ernst is just a ban paradise. It's not a question of wanting or not wanting to lurk there. It's not possible.

Kohlchan is European Union, and though censorship and police farm board. I personally can not tell where I am here. Not yet. But I like the looks.

 Nr. 152

The actual name has been krautchan.net and kohlchan.net has only some letters less different from that than krautchan.co. The idea of Bernd is even better transported in Kohlchan.
But the largest reason to post there instead of here is to continue to restrength the Bernd-Community instead of weaken it

 Nr. 153

I wouldn't mind if our Admins got together and talked, but there are bernds here too. Krautchan can't die, and bernds will keep it alive.

 Nr. 154

thank you very much, Luxembourg, for your surprising and thus satisfying contribution to the legal questions.

Thank you.

 Nr. 156

I'm not sure why you guys come here and shill, is it fine if I go to kohlchan and shill kc.co also?

 Nr. 158

check your cultural concepts, duderino.

I am not shilling. I am asking, is free speech on krautchan.co legal, and is it legal on kohlchan.net. It seems that kohlchan is hosted in the EU, and thus it is not legal.

Can you figure that out? Or is this too much text?

 Nr. 160

I'm not the admin, how would I know? I'm pretty sure the servers are in the US though

Where are the servers located?

 Nr. 161

The servers are in a free-speech friendly country. Not EU, and not Five Eyes. We don't want to give too many details so that the site is more resilient, but we guarantee it is in a safe country and that free speech is totally fine there. Just don't post threats or anything like that.

 Nr. 162

I've asked on /b/ already. He says he won't disclose too much, but it's in a free-speech-friendly country which is not part of the 5 eyes.

Considering the persistent jew and anglo and negro and hitler and basically 2/3 of the entire fun we have on boards/had on kc, it is important to know. For me as a german.

We both know that both our countries are struggling with censorship and verbal crime issues.

 Nr. 163

ahh sorry I was too late with >162

It sounds good. I must say, it sounds good.

 Nr. 166

Yeah, US tended to be good at it, but It seems isps are bowing to public pressures now, and banning sites sadly.

 Nr. 171

File: 1522542546165.png (978.59 KB, 750x1334, 112C17F6-E09D-404F-B5BC-44….png)

Smartphone layout is absolutely awful
If there is more than one image in a post they show up vertically like this

 Nr. 175

File: 1522543177326.png (249.56 KB, 1334x750, AE831943-A438-4E2D-99F7-5E….png)

Also can you get rid of that star next to “international”?

Looks like it’s some kind of marking to denote fraudulence or generism to avoid copyright lawsuits

 Nr. 176

It's supposed to be something you click to add the board to your watchlist. We can remove it or replace it with a different symbol, though.

 Nr. 181

File: 1522545849248.gif (822.31 KB, 500x240, serveimage.gif)

Needs more Blinkenlights.

 Nr. 192

File: 1522548139361.png (65.37 KB, 658x507, 1517071680193.png)

>just don't post threats or anything like that

well darn

 Nr. 212

>Just don't post threats or anything like that.
What software are you using ?

 Nr. 219

File: 1522588323465.jpg (253.9 KB, 1540x714, bb5.jpg)

Can you get blinkenworld poster map?

 Nr. 232

View images with original file name.

 Nr. 233

File: 1522602702254.jpg (271.82 KB, 1920x1080, Poled.jpg)

Fun new memes like this one what I invented.

 Nr. 234

File: 1522603507628-0.png (9.62 KB, 391x105, alt.PNG)

The 'alt' text of a countryball doesn't look KCish, it's just a simple HTML attribute. Return classic accessory block if you want to make the board truly look like KC.

 Nr. 235

Added to todo list, thanks.

 Nr. 273

1. everything should be on english on int, for this ins the lingua franca of the world. Suck my balls, non anglos

2. Steal that thing from 8chan kcint where you can post videos

3. why are images all stretched out and backwards? are you stupid?

4. Poochie needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine

5. whenever Poochie's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Poochie"?

 Nr. 296

File: 1522688726232.png (21.44 KB, 530x384, 1a2.PNG)

Can you post multi images here? I don't see the expand option.

 Nr. 314

Is DerGeneral Back here?

 Nr. 345

I want to be able to delete posts.

It's ok for phoneposters to suffer.

 Nr. 351

He's black here.

 Nr. 406

Poster map was 90% of the site's swag bring it back Fritz

 Nr. 411

Replace it with iron cross.

 Nr. 412

dead site

 Nr. 414

It isn't dead. We're both here. AT THE SAME TIME EVEN.
Okay, I'm going to bed now. I'll do my daily lurk again tomorrow.

 Nr. 431

Unlike the mods of every other /kc/ you seem rational and cool. I'll stick around and contribute.

I'd like pedos to be banned, and as a long term goal maybe optional stateballs next to countryballs if the other Bernds think it's a good idea.

 Nr. 470



 Nr. 471

File: 1523126608862-0.jpg (26.99 KB, 477x424, спеде вечеря.jpg)

We need (You)s so dollchan can identify answers to self made posts

 Nr. 472


 Nr. 473

looks like its already on

 Nr. 556

Vad är detta!! Bring back vad är detta!!

 Nr. 588

put some games playable over html

 Nr. 618

Yes. Make this pseudo-Krautchan the same as the real Krautchan was.

 Nr. 630

Are you ignorant? Phone scrolling was always a pain in desktop rendering, i didn't even use kc because of it

 Nr. 665

Who is running this site?

 Nr. 670

>old kacey css
>old kacey post number
>old kacey something else

 Nr. 693

english pls. also ban canadinas

 Nr. 699

It is possible to make it look better on phone?

Also what bumplimit here?

 Nr. 700

KC had dashchan support and ernstchan was kinda better on phone

 Nr. 703

Can we have 4 pictures per post?

 Nr. 717

this pls

 Nr. 723

- Countryballs are supposed to go on the left side of "Bernd"
- Add "absolute boardlist" feature from Kohlchan (and standard on krautchan.net)

 Nr. 724

File: 1528085903927.png (5.92 KB, 558x92, Untitled.png)

And fix the highlighted posts CSS, pls

 Nr. 736


Definitely this

 Nr. 767

Admin here. Working on these requests.

 Nr. 800


 Nr. 808

WTF is this`?

 Nr. 812

>preview of the uploaded images are too small
>"Thread is unavailable (№50): HTTP [404] Not Found" I use dollchan script and js is turned off.
>translate /int/ to English

 Nr. 828

I would like to know where we are tho. When this board was borned and who are the mods?
KC mods were KCmods, EC mods were cucks, Kohlmods are ok.

 Nr. 838

Is it real kc successor?

 Nr. 842

File: 1529912177519.jpeg (665.83 KB, 810x1200, mysilenthorror-Комиксы-24….jpeg)

Auto spellcheck for English users.

Maybe even Grammarly's analog

 Nr. 869

File: 1530384106516.jpg (148.71 KB, 1024x768, 15080289659930.jpg)

Can we ban all russkis please?

 Nr. 919

Can we ban all Poles?

 Nr. 946

bring the map back

 Nr. 956

The real Krautchan moved here: https://discou.rs/int/

 Nr. 965



And all Hungarians too

 Nr. 966


no thx

 Nr. 971

heyits good

 Nr. 973

merge with kohlchan

 Nr. 979

File: 1531582632696.jpeg (7.93 KB, 234x216, images (4).jpeg)

Go to

It's a more ebin, Finnish KC replacement.

 Nr. 1052


 Nr. 1077

Wait, I haven't entered this place for a long, long time. What happened?

 Nr. 1089

Fix the ball icons so that they are not fixed to 17x14 pixels no matter the icon's dimensions. The UK ball icon has different dimensions and is squished as a result.

Also, timestamps in each post should be included.

 Nr. 1133

How can I change the interface language to English? I mean, dude, what the fuck! Monaten? Are you shitting me?

 Nr. 1136

File: 1535647513556.webm (4.14 MB, 720x480, 15317698792600.webm)

Теперь это танцулько тред

 Nr. 1155

File: 1535915382940.jpg (37.18 KB, 604x445, 15305933933820.jpg)

Ты своё гавно по всеми миру разносишь?

 Nr. 1190

I love keysee
Welcome back!
That's all I want to say.

 Nr. 1227

File: 1536936354861.jpeg (172.16 KB, 1024x891, Kampfmaschine.jpeg)

we need more Kampfmaschinen

 Nr. 1233

There is a problem with posting that lead you to an error page, it posts but for some reason it doesn't let you back in the main board

 Nr. 1355

Unpin these threads or move them to /kc/. The board already seems slow without unchanging threads at the top. But thanks for the site.

 Nr. 1372

Dear lord. I stopped posting on old KC once i got gf (and then married), back in 2013. What a bad surprise knowing KC got banned for being nazi. But there is always hope. This site gave me so many feels. Igual deleted my KC folder when i started being normal, but you will always have a site in my hearth, Bernd. I love you all.

 Nr. 1388

Make it look like krautchan and function like krautchan then claim this is real krautchan.
that what sosachers did
but expect to be called monkey!

 Nr. 1391

ban onion/proxy posting

 Nr. 1394

Make it look like old kc. It was pure love

 Nr. 1438

update the countryballs

 Nr. 1447

File: 1541204293782.png (446.04 KB, 480x411, 1535340960495.png)

I miss old KC so much

 Nr. 1454

File: 1541291976948.jpg (26.12 KB, 246x271, toto.jpg)

I miss the rains down in Africa

 Nr. 1500

Kohl feels even more like /b/ and the rest of kc replacements are practically dead.

 Nr. 1507

File: 1542611729339.png (291.78 KB, 720x582, 15399342801460.png)

>suggestions in improving
> /int board

 Nr. 1535

-More porn threads, including high-quality porn gifs and webms.
-Less German language.
-Create tons of OC.
-More no gf threads.
-Interesting debate/shitposting.

 Nr. 1567

why is the politics thread gone?

 Nr. 1590

Catalog pls

 Nr. 1591

Op probably deleted it, mods are like non existent here.

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