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(Mods, please Pin this thread.)

Anyone have suggestions in improving Krautchan?

Maybe in appearances for example?
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 Nr. 630

Are you ignorant? Phone scrolling was always a pain in desktop rendering, i didn't even use kc because of it

 Nr. 665

Who is running this site?

 Nr. 670

>old kacey css
>old kacey post number
>old kacey something else

 Nr. 693

english pls. also ban canadinas

 Nr. 699

It is possible to make it look better on phone?

Also what bumplimit here?

 Nr. 700

KC had dashchan support and ernstchan was kinda better on phone

 Nr. 703

Can we have 4 pictures per post?

 Nr. 717

this pls

 Nr. 723

- Countryballs are supposed to go on the left side of "Bernd"
- Add "absolute boardlist" feature from Kohlchan (and standard on krautchan.net)

 Nr. 724

File: 1528085903927.png (5.92 KB, 558x92, Untitled.png)

And fix the highlighted posts CSS, pls

 Nr. 736


Definitely this

 Nr. 767

Admin here. Working on these requests.

 Nr. 800


 Nr. 808

WTF is this`?

 Nr. 812

>preview of the uploaded images are too small
>"Thread is unavailable (№50): HTTP [404] Not Found" I use dollchan script and js is turned off.
>translate /int/ to English

 Nr. 828

I would like to know where we are tho. When this board was borned and who are the mods?
KC mods were KCmods, EC mods were cucks, Kohlmods are ok.

 Nr. 838

Is it real kc successor?

 Nr. 842

File: 1529912177519.jpeg (665.83 KB, 810x1200, mysilenthorror-Комиксы-24….jpeg)

Auto spellcheck for English users.

Maybe even Grammarly's analog

 Nr. 869

File: 1530384106516.jpg (148.71 KB, 1024x768, 15080289659930.jpg)

Can we ban all russkis please?

 Nr. 919

Can we ban all Poles?

 Nr. 946

bring the map back

 Nr. 956

The real Krautchan moved here: https://discou.rs/int/

 Nr. 965



And all Hungarians too

 Nr. 966


no thx

 Nr. 971

heyits good

 Nr. 973

merge with kohlchan

 Nr. 979

File: 1531582632696.jpeg (7.93 KB, 234x216, images (4).jpeg)

Go to

It's a more ebin, Finnish KC replacement.

 Nr. 1052


 Nr. 1077

Wait, I haven't entered this place for a long, long time. What happened?

 Nr. 1089

Fix the ball icons so that they are not fixed to 17x14 pixels no matter the icon's dimensions. The UK ball icon has different dimensions and is squished as a result.

Also, timestamps in each post should be included.

 Nr. 1133

How can I change the interface language to English? I mean, dude, what the fuck! Monaten? Are you shitting me?

 Nr. 1136

File: 1535647513556.webm (4.14 MB, 720x480, 15317698792600.webm)

Теперь это танцулько тред

 Nr. 1155

File: 1535915382940.jpg (37.18 KB, 604x445, 15305933933820.jpg)

Ты своё гавно по всеми миру разносишь?

 Nr. 1190

I love keysee
Welcome back!
That's all I want to say.

 Nr. 1227

File: 1536936354861.jpeg (172.16 KB, 1024x891, Kampfmaschine.jpeg)

we need more Kampfmaschinen

 Nr. 1233

There is a problem with posting that lead you to an error page, it posts but for some reason it doesn't let you back in the main board

 Nr. 1355

Unpin these threads or move them to /kc/. The board already seems slow without unchanging threads at the top. But thanks for the site.

 Nr. 1372

Dear lord. I stopped posting on old KC once i got gf (and then married), back in 2013. What a bad surprise knowing KC got banned for being nazi. But there is always hope. This site gave me so many feels. Igual deleted my KC folder when i started being normal, but you will always have a site in my hearth, Bernd. I love you all.

 Nr. 1388

Make it look like krautchan and function like krautchan then claim this is real krautchan.
that what sosachers did
but expect to be called monkey!

 Nr. 1391

ban onion/proxy posting

 Nr. 1394

Make it look like old kc. It was pure love

 Nr. 1438

update the countryballs

 Nr. 1447

File: 1541204293782.png (446.04 KB, 480x411, 1535340960495.png)

I miss old KC so much

 Nr. 1454

File: 1541291976948.jpg (26.12 KB, 246x271, toto.jpg)

I miss the rains down in Africa

 Nr. 1500

Kohl feels even more like /b/ and the rest of kc replacements are practically dead.

 Nr. 1507

File: 1542611729339.png (291.78 KB, 720x582, 15399342801460.png)

>suggestions in improving
> /int board

 Nr. 1535

-More porn threads, including high-quality porn gifs and webms.
-Less German language.
-Create tons of OC.
-More no gf threads.
-Interesting debate/shitposting.

 Nr. 1567

why is the politics thread gone?

 Nr. 1590

Catalog pls

 Nr. 1591

Op probably deleted it, mods are like non existent here.

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