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 Nr. 177


IRC channel and bridge to Discord coming soon

 Nr. 178

File: 1522544975803.jpg (85.41 KB, 422x751, jew bait.jpg)

did I hear discord?

 Nr. 240

Non free software

 Nr. 365

Is the server active at all or is it as dead as the board?

 Nr. 370

Slow but at least no retards spamming pol memes all day.

 Nr. 395

I thought this could be a replacement for Krautchan where I could have serious discussions but it seems I was wrong.

 Nr. 410

For now, you want ernstchan.
But I have faith NuKC[krautchan.co] can be just as great as old KC[krautchan.net], and better than KoC[kohlchan.net]. So do stop by.

Although if this fails, I'm bailing to EC.

 Nr. 421

File: 1522926657186-0.jpg (56.99 KB, 1280x720, vajankle.jpg)

>botnet shitware

 Nr. 569

We had a cyberpunk tier drama on Discord cryptoanalog, Telegram.

1. Friday, 13: RKN-tyan goes full Jason V.: RosCommunicationNadzor bans IP adresses of Telegram "cuz terrorists used it"
2. Friday, 13: Telegram stays alive by switching servers
3. Weekends, 14-15: RKN bans whole subnets assigned to Google and Amazon (the hosting-and-identification subnet). I cannot login into my online game.
4. Monday: Durov Pavel sends monies to VPN hosters and proxy upkeepers
5. Wednesday: RKN gives up and "holds no grudge".

 Nr. 585


 Nr. 589

File: 1524628143425.png (443.22 KB, 895x905, trans 45 percent.png)

I bet German transvestite chat is really fun!

 Nr. 677

>using discord

 Nr. 684


 Nr. 757

So what, using Telegram is already banned worldwide?

T. Is of from country with Telega banned

 Nr. 829

What is a point to have a chat? I have seen a lot of chats and they were all full of stupid shit and flood like hi hi hi fuck off hi nigger hi how are you lol lol
Do we really need it?

 Nr. 836


 Nr. 995

its been a while

 Nr. 1000


 Nr. 1044

hello, nibbas

 Nr. 1099

are u fucking serious

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 Nr. 1363


 Nr. 1437

I though we weren't facebook you know.

 Nr. 1489


 Nr. 1578

File: 1544072859305.jpg (22.13 KB, 192x200, FAGGOTS.JPG)

 Nr. 1586

so what's the point of this board?

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