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(Mods, please Pin this thread.)

Anyone have suggestions in improving Krautchan?

Maybe in appearances for example?
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why is the politics thread gone?

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Catalog pls

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Op probably deleted it, mods are like non existent here.

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IRC channel and bridge to Discord coming soon
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so what's the point of this board?

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National drug thread go.
In Russia it's obviously alcohol.
The second biggest thing is amphetamine, and the mix of both (which obviously turns you into an adidas-dressed squatting slav).
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and kaptagon

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Kwas, of course, we are not alcoholics.

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Alot of weed and beer here

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Why is kc dead?

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Japan : just middle looking tier in the world

China : shithole ugly

Southeast asia : not good

Why they are not good looking??
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Asian can be pretty cute sometimes, definitely not the ugliest in the world, black women are whole different story. I've never seen a 100% black girl who is attractive, if they are attractive they're most likely mixed race.

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Topkek, suck Abdul's dick.

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Lol no, I am a 100% Chinese.

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When will the Germans stop being cucks and Hitler reign again?

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Are Ukrainians Slavic or Turkic?
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>the center, the west of Ukraine are white


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we call them "KHOKHLY"

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thx to invasion rapes by turkeys many are darkhaired

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I am a Turkish BVLL

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Ugh, why KC.

Been there, done that ten years ago when 4chan went under during one of their frequent Neubienen influxes.

KC was like a private board in the beginning, everyone (all the 10 people) struggling to find our own identity (and pretty much finding it by translating known memes into intended terrible German, thereby offending all the cool kids back here). Because we were so much cooler.

Banners were made; a niche and board for everyone was founded and found in the weeks to follow and a strange love for butter was born.

The first three or four months were mostly circlejerking fun, but what made krautchan the place we remember fondly these days -at least for me- is /int/ and thus the creation of Falko's 'Polandball' and Wojak's 'That feel when no girlfriend'. Both these memes are alive and well regardless of Krautchan's demise :(

To all of you I bid a kind farewell, and with this I mean all the regulars, German and international, all the refugees this board hosted in their hour of need. It was great to share so much fucking fun with you all.

I'm sure I sound like a retarded person, but for me, Krautchan was a piece of German internet counter-culture.

Godspeed, and may Germania be with you. Und Heinrich Niedlich. Danke Australien Guy ;(

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hey guys, who wants to have a voice chat, practice languages and stuff like that, thou i don't know any online voicechats, so if anyone have suggestions your welcome

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