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Is this considered attractive in Germany

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average. it's solid 6/10


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Swedish Racist is Asian

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Reversed Flag


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Why is kc dead?
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 Nr. 1698

It's been almost a year since it went offline… I still miss it, I cry every night before I fall asleep remembering the happy times I had there

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I've also been away for a long time. Does anyone have a list of Bernd diaspora boards?

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Anywhere else?

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Hat jemand das berüchtigte Erotikvideo von Herrn Wolf und seiner unanständigen Haustierspielerei?


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 Nr. 177[Reply]


IRC channel and bridge to Discord coming soon
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 Nr. 1586

so what's the point of this board?

 Nr. 1683

Usage of discord and similar appliances goes heavily against anonymous culture of imageboards

fuck everyone in this thread and op especially

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what's wrong with embeds? :(


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kommt drauf stinktiere nwo gaming clan

bitte keine deutschen hurensöhne


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 Nr. 1618[Reply]

I suffer in the Ukraine.

 Nr. 1720

I'm not

 Nr. 1725

whores wont make you happy. well for 15 first minutes maybe


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There has been a school shooting in Russia?

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 Nr. 1722

De jure, it was Ukraine. So it wasn't us, but khokols killed themself as usually.

 Nr. 1724

there is big mystery about this shooting. apparently guy was using shitty kebab shotgun HATSAN, however he was shooting really fast. I think there were russian authorities that (helped) in this school shooting. Same as they helped in house bombing in Volgadonsk, Moscow, magnitogorsk etc


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(Mods, please Pin this thread.)

Anyone have suggestions in improving Krautchan?

Maybe in appearances for example?
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 Nr. 1692

This board has no mods, just scripts that delete spam

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File: 1547464935457.jpg (114.56 KB, 1181x1024, cOS_8ij9etU.jpg)

because it's dead. Time to go.

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Hätte mal gerne einen Erfahrungsbeticht bezüglich Tavor und ähnlichen Benzodiazepamen, ab wann wirds da tatsächlich ungemütlich, was den Entzug angeht? Habe bisher ab und zu Tavor 2,5mg oder die Hälfte missbraucht für Schlafi oder um zur Ruhe zu kommen. Aber niemals öfter als 2 Tage hintereinander mit anschließender Pause. Einmal, da stand es nicht so gut um meinem Schlaf, habe ich mich damit selbst therapiert und ca. eine Woche Tavor genommen, da gings mir dann doch schon ziemlich Kacke. Erfahrungen?


File: 1522457142673.png (403.42 KB, 800x468, bq2epkezsyc7jbcbvffs.png)

 Nr. 2[Reply]

Was sollen wir gucken, Berndi?

 Nr. 40

File: 1528495151640.jpg (53.22 KB, 225x350, rov.jpg)

"La Rose de Versailles"
Es ist das Beste was aus den 1970ern herausgekommen ist.

 Nr. 41

File: 1528789913492.jpg (172.91 KB, 1240x736, MV5BODdhNzA2ZDQtMjUwMS00Ym….jpg)

eine komische weise, sich space pirate captain harlock zu verschreiben

 Nr. 46

Watch Bang Dream

 Nr. 47


File: 1547188882931.jpg (43.46 KB, 368x603, entj.jpg)

 Nr. 406[Reply]

help me krautchan, you my only hope
is this girl talking about being "entjungfern" on 1999 dez 31, or 2000 dez 31?
it's important

 Nr. 412

Dez 1999


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 Nr. 410[Reply]

So I am here today to shill. Shilling is not cool. I just heard some bronnen guy yell about KC though so I decided to shill here’s

 Nr. 411

File: 1547301977231.gif (379.21 KB, 224x200, internally _064eaf5af649….gif)



File: 1547293407329-0.png (419.54 KB, 630x826, fucken.png)

 Nr. 409[Reply]

Fucken ist Forever

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